Quality Policy

In Insteimed we carry out engineering and electrical installations in the naval and industrial sectors.

Our MISSION is to offer services of adequate quality, with criteria of economic profitability, environmentally sustainable and maintaining quality of life criteria for workers and users.

Our VISION is to be a reference in the naval sector and to be competitive in the industrial sector, while we aim to be an example of sustainability, good professional practices and occupational health and safety.

Our VALUES are the availability to meet unforeseen events, meeting deadlines and adaptability to customer needs.

For all these reasons Insteimed S.A. implements an IMS based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards and acquires the COMMITMENT of:

- Management leadership in promoting the culture of quality management, environment and risk prevention.

- Continuous improvement of the organization through the establishment of objectives and good professional practice.

- Compliance with applicable requirements.

- Consideration of sustainability and environmental protection criteria in all business activities, promoting the rational use of resources and pollution prevention.

- Integration of health and safety in all management areas of the company, providing safe working conditions and for the prevention of injuries and deterioration of health, eliminating hazards and reducing risks, as well as establishing channels for consultation and participation of workers.

In this way, we are committed to transmit the importance of the proper understanding, implementation and updating of this Policy, and we undertake to provide the appropriate resources for its development and implementation and to monitor its effectiveness.