OPS Electrical Power Supply System for Ships

We are your reliable partner in OPS Projects

At INSTEIMED, we lead the way in the projection, design and consulting of OPS systems for ports, shipping companies and yachts. Our company stands out for offering integral solutions from project conception to installation and commissioning, setting the standard in terms of innovation, quality and sustainability.

What is the OPS System?

The Electrical Power Supply System for Ships (OPS) is an innovative solution for supplying electrical power to ships while they are docked in port. This technological breakthrough not only reduces polluting emissions and environmental impact, but also optimizes the operational efficiency of port terminals.

Specialized Engineering

Our team of highly qualified engineers designs customized projects, taking into account the specific needs of each port terminal or vessel. We ensure that each solution is efficient, safe and complies with all associated regulations.

High Quality Manufacturing

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, where we produce OPS components and systems with the highest quality standards. We guarantee durability and optimum performance in each of our products.

Professional Installation

Our team of highly trained installers works closely with the supplying company to carry out the implementation of the OPS system at the port. This collaboration ensures an efficient and accurate installation, where we are committed to strictly adhere to the established deadlines and minimize any disruption to port operations during the process.

Integrated project management

In addition to installation, we take care of system legalization, ensuring compliance with all standards and regulatory requirements. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment not only to operational efficiency, but also to legal and environmental compliance at every stage of the project.

  1. Associated Permits: We take care of managing all the necessary permits for the implementation of the OPS system.
  2. Health and Safety: Health and safety is our priority. We implement rigorous safety protocols in all phases of the project, from planning to execution.
  3. Coordination and Start-up: We meticulously coordinate every aspect of the project, ensuring a smooth transition from installation to commissioning.

Benefits of Choosing INSTEIMED

  • Experience proven in OPS system projects.
  • Commitment with sustainability and emissions reduction.
  • Customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer.
  • Superior quality in engineering, manufacturing and installation.
  • Strict compliance standard IEC ISO IEEE 80005, IEC PAS 80005and environmental and safety issues.

With INSTEIMED, you are choosing excellence in engineering services for the implementation of OPS systems.

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